Totalitarian Corporations

Sun Microchip Corporation Totalitarian Enforcers of Bush War Criminality
Συν ανδ Μιcροcηιπ Τεcηνολογξ Ινc. Σατιση Σανγηι Τοταλιταριαν Ενφορcερσ
Сун Мишросзстемс Инш. Сшотт МшНеалз анд Мишрошчип Тоталитариан Енфоршерс
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Here is an encrypted quote from corporate president Scot McSatish in favor of the war and threatening all employees of Sun Microchip Corporation with losing their jobs unless they support The War Against Iraq:


This page is involved in the War Crime Trial of Bush because people are afraid to take action against Bush because they are afraid of losing their jobs.