Propaganda Excerpts

The trial of Bush is judging the defense and prosecution arguments. The fairness of this War Crimes Trial is a sign of sanity and honesty. In defense of Bush, the following is presented:

The Christian Science Monitor is quoted from March 4, 2012:

"the Afghanistan government offered no apology" to the invaders.

"the relationship is fraying " between Afghanistan and the invaders.

"cold-blooded killing of two US military advisers Thursday by an Afghan soldier upset over the US military"

"the question is one of gratitude" from Afghanistan toward the invaders.

" Karzai feels no need to apologize for a member of the Afghan Army killing two Americans, it is a sign of a perhaps irrevocably broken partnership, says retired Col. Peter Mansoor, former executive officer to Gen. David Petraeus during the height of the insurgency in Iraq. "

“If it’s not a  partnership, then why should we sacrifice American blood and treasure?” says Colonel Mansoor, "

"Americans wonder why they are not lauded for risking their lives for the security of another country"

"the soldiers come to love the Afghan people, and the Afghan people come to love us, " says an American war expert.

Mitt Romney told Fox News. “We’ve made an enormous contribution to help the people there"

Newt said, "we don’t need to be here risking our lives and wasting our money on somebody who doesn’t care.'"

Mansoor traveled to Afghanistan and “I was pretty high on what we were doing,” ..." Karzai is a disappointment. He’s pandering to his base. And, as a result, he might lose the war.”


The Christian Science Monitor (CSM) is part of The Bush League and is committed to printing propaganda in support of the mass murder of Arabs and Moslems, Alan Folmsbee claims. Jesus said, "Do not kill". CSM says, ‘Screw Islam,’

Alan Folmsbee says, "The psychotic ax murderers in the USA continue to spread this type of propaganda even though most Americans are opposed to or are apathetic toward the war. I asked a stranger on the street what she thought about the war. She asked, 'What war?' "


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