Plaintext Introduction

A war of aggression was started by George W. Bush when the USA invaded Iraq in 2003. A war of aggression is a war crime. UN General Assembly Resolution 3314 can be read to understand the wisdom of the ages. Victims of aggression and many soldiers understand that war should be prevented so that future generations will not suffer as they did.

There are international criminal courts where war criminals are sometimes given trials with lawyers and judges. There are prisons and guns associated with those courts, including the courts of The Hague and Nuremberg. Popular Cryptography Magazine does not have guns or prisons to enforce its future verdict.

In the name of the civilian victims of war crimes, a civilian court is being assembled to have a trial for George W. Bush. If he is found guilty, the reasons for the verdict will be published. If he is found to be innocent, the reasons for his War Against Iraq will be published.

This civilian court is being assembled because other courts and lawyers in the USA are too cowardly to take action. Look at what happened to Paul Wellstone soon after he opposed The War Against Iraq. This civilian court is authorized in the Constitution of the USA under the Ninth Amendment.

When witnesses and other trial participants have meetings, they will be held in Kona, Hawaii. Each participant will have all expenses pre-paid for travel and lodging.

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Key Distribution Instructions

The encrypted files of court records use secret keys. The instructions for securely obtaining the secret keys is described in a file that can be decrypted using  Master Key number 1. You can copy a Master Key from the Page entitled "Key Distribution". That page is linked on the right side of your screen. That page also has a link to the encrypted instruction file.

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Encrypted War Crime Trial of Bush

Popular Cryptography Magazine, in its Fall 2011 Issue, presents The Encrypted War Crime Trial of George W. Bush. Volunteers are needed to fill the following positions:

Three people to be Judges on the Tribunal
Three people to defend Bush
Ten Witnesses from Iraq to testify that Iraq was not invaded
Ten Witnesses from Iraq who saw war crimes committed
Ten Witnesses from the USA who saw Iraq invade North America or Hawaii
Ten Witnesses from the USA who saw Iraq not attack in North America or Hawaii
Two assistant prosecutors to help the Publisher of PopCryMag prosecute Bush
Sixty Financial Donors to give $800,000 for the Trial expenses

The verdict is due on August 27, 2012. The trial uses encrypted messages to begin the first six months of the trial. Keys for decryption are available using a protocol described on the website listed below. OpenSSL encryption is being used. After six months have passed, the decrypted evidence and testimony will be published.

People involved in the War Crime Trial will have their expenses pre-paid for travel, meals, and lodging in Kona, Hawaii.

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