Friday, September 23, 2011

The Encrypted War Crime Trial of Bush

The Encrypted War Crime Trial of Bush
Τηε Ενcρξπτεδ Ωαρ Cριμε Τριαλ οφ Βυση
Тче Еншрзптед Ыар Шриме Триал оф Бусч
78e E4c4762ed 3a4 C413e 741a1 0f B568
78834047 62863946 41387419 1048568
00000100 10110010 11101001 01111111
00000011 10111111 00111010 01001010
00000010 01110111 10000101 10011011
00000000 00001111 11111111 11111000

The Fall 2011 issue of Popular Cryptography Magazine uses encrypted messages to begin the first six months of the trial. Encryption is being used so that the psychotic axe murderers who are loyal to George W. Bush will not easily torture the people involved in this War Crimes Trial.

After six months have passed, the decrypted evidence and testimony will be published. The identities of people who volunteer to be involved in this War Crimes Trial will be protected or revealed according to the wishes of those volunteers. Money is needed to help Pop Cry Mag prosecute Bush, and Paypal is available to accept donations. Send your messages to for email communications. Encrypted messages that are received should use the OpenSSL keys that are described on the Key Distribution page of Popular Cryptography Magazine.